Back packing at the Belfry

With all the equipment and gadgets available these days, it’s easy to take a leisurely game of golf for granted, however, having recently experienced a short break at the Belfry I was given a sharp reminder of mean and lean golfing and the importance of planning ahead. 

My first game was played in glorious sunshine on the Derby course but when heavy showers and severe gusts of wind arrived on the second day I was surprised and horrified to learn no trolleys were allowed on the Brabazon course and carry we must!   Now, when you’re an aging, 5’ 3” female with a dodgy back, hacking round 18 holes with a HUGE golf bag is simply a no-no but luckily we managed to persuade the Pro to rummage in the back for a lightweight bag rather than pack the bulky hire specimens left in the shop.

Lightweight it may have started off as, but by the time I added clubs (a treasured selection), balls, tees, spare gloves, brolly, food, drink, jumper, purse, mobile phone, lip salve and other bibs and bobs, it morphed into a full blown backpack and in the soggy, gale force conditions, made it more of a survival course than a golf course.

Being flustered and disorganised prior to a game is not conducive to a good score but luckily the delightful Starter thankfully spotted a lost soul and generously topped me up with tees then calmly chaperoned me to my first hole, which happened to be the challenging 10th tee - whoops, there goes my first ball to a watery death

The Brabazon is a stunning, sculptured, four times Ryder Cup course with more water features than any other course in the UK and probably why team America only won once.  So in hindsight, why I thought I was going to conquer it with only 7 golf balls in my bag, particular with the rough FULL of autumn leaves, is a complete mystery!  

So, on the basis I moaned and groaned my way round 18 holes, would I play the Brabazon again?    Well, if I could persuade the refreshment van to carry my extra golf balls plus half of my kit and meet me on every third hole then I would consider returning at this time of the year, the next best alternative is probably a caddy! Now a caddy may sound extravagant but the thought of strolling up on the first tee with a clean set of golf clubs and everything ready packed sounds very appealing plus I wouldn’t be doubled-over for the next 4 to 5 hours trying to support and balance my whole life on my shoulders as well as multi task with a brolly.

As someone who has honed the art of justifying many expensive purchases over the years, I could easily defend my decision on the basis I wouldn’t have to fork out for numerous visits to my physio to reconstruct my spine!

Meanwhile, here’s hoping they just build a buggy path for the more fragile golfers like me! 

Good golfing, Claire      ©Ladies4Golf – November 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               




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