Jenny’s poem at Ladies4Golf Christmas game 2010

(held at Alresford in snowy and icy conditions!)     

There was a young lady named Claire with passion she wanted to share 

So she took out an ad  saying “Girls don’t be sad, Come on take up golf if you dare” 

There came forward an intrepid bunch.   Fed up of being ladies who lunch 

They all bought some clubs, left their friends in the pubs and found golf was a truly great punch 

With determined and infinite flair Claire nurtured her fledglings with care.   

She took us to Spain More experience to gain.   

And soon we were talking on Air. Ladies4Golf grew apace.  

Claire set up new targets to chase.    

She even asked men but then thought again - we had enough hazards to face! 

More travels and weekends away.   New venues and courses to play 

With Claire as our guide We played golf with pride  And that’s why we’ll all here today 

And now with the temperatures freezing We thank Claire with very good reason For Friendships we’ve made 

And the fun golf we’ve played. Here’s to you Claire – have a great festive season. 

Written by Jenny Little, Christmas 2010      

If you’re thinking of a new hobby for 2011 then come and try golf.  Friendly golf lessons available  - email Claire at   


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