Where do golf balls go?

As I cleared my garden ready for the winter I realised golf and gardening have something in common.    We can spend a lot of time and effort to sow seeds and put plants in the perfect place to achieve good growth, however, even the best garden programme can fail because of the wrong soil or location, yet Nature can successfully sow plants in the most peculiar places.  

For instance my lawn this year became bare and patchy because of the hot, dry weather yet the minute cracks in my block paving drive was full of thriving tuffs of grass and other plants, despite being in a wasteland environment.

Golf balls following a similar pattern.   We take great effort to keep the balls on the fairways and greens yet they frustratingly end up all over the course, lost in leaves and long grass, tripping off trees, drowning in ditches, lunging into lakes, bombing into bunkers and hiding in the heather.   

Over the years I have seen balls hit cable lines, wooden stakes, ropes, sprinkler heads and other completely bizarre objects, defying all the odds and proving impossible to repeat. One such example happened when I played golf the other day and my playing partner mishit the ball.  Luckily I was watching so I saw the ball hurtling towards me and managed to duck and quickly turn my body.   Nevertheless, it still managed to hit me on the top of my shoulder and I ended up being stunned and hopping around in pain.   

With nothing broken, we resumed the game after a few minutes and started to look for the offending ball.   I didn’t have a clue where it had gone as it all happened too quickly and nobody else saw where it went either, so after looking in the obvious places we gave up the search and a new ball was to be played.  

At that point I bent down to pick up my clubs and suddenly realised the missing ball was in my gillet!   It must have ricochet off my shoulder and popped in at great speed with nobody noticing.   It became even funnier as we tried to fathom out how we should play the ball as we were in a club competition - do we play it as it lies, could I run 100 yards up the fairway and drop it on the green.

Anyway, we ended up crying with laughter and it’s one missing ball I will always remember. 

Good golfing, Claire

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