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The membership rules of Ladies4Golf are as follows:

Purpose and background of club

  • Ladies4Golf has been established to encourage and promote participation and enjoyment in the game of golf

Application for membership

  • Ladies4Golf reserve the right to refuse membership without explanation
  • Members must be aged 18 and above

Fees and finances

  • Membership is reviewed, set and paid annually AT THE START OF THE CLUB YEAR (OUR CLUB YEAR RUNS FROM 1ST JUNE TO 31ST MAY EVERY YEAR) and under no circumstances will there be a refund of monies .


  • Members agree to abide by the 'Rules of Golf' and 'Rules of Amateur Status' as laid down by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews
  • Members agree to abide by the highest standards of etiquette, including the relevant dress code, always endeavouring to enhance the reputation of the Club
  • The Club has the right to suspend or exclude any member as a result of club rules being broken or significant unsociable behaviour


  • Whilst golf can be great fun, it is important to remember it is an active sport and unfortunately accidents do occur on golf courses. Ladies4Golf take NO responsibility for any accidents, either on the golf course or associated with any event organised and we strongly recommend members take out appropriate insurance to cover for injuries and/or accidents
  • Golf can be an excellent form of exercise, however, it is the members' responsibility to ensure they consult and have full approval from their doctor prior to playing golf to ensure they are medically fit to play


  • Unfortunately, there are circumstances when we have to change or cancel events, this is not something we do lightly, however, Ladies4Golf reserve the right to change or cancel events at any time.